NIKUZE REAL ESTATE AGENCY is a subsidiary company of NIKUZE GROUP OF COMPANIES LTD founded in July 2010 to provide well managed professional Real Estate Agency and allied Services in Dar es Salaam and other Region Capitals. It can be difficult deciding on which estate agency to help you sell or let your property. We therefore decided to set up a Real Estate Agency that will deal with Property Buying/Selling/Leasing, Property Management and Land Development Consultancy. Our simple philosophy is to provide the very best property advisory service possible that will offer clients the style of services we would like to receive ourselves.

Our Real Estate Services


Are you looking to buy a Plot of Land, House or An Apartment? Please let NIKUZE REAL ESTATE AGENCY assist you to find a dream property.
NIKUZE will always preview the dream properties on behalf of our clients, shortlist the most suitable and we will accompany our clients to all viewing. NIKUZE will also be ready to connect the client with all the necessary technical trades’ people who are required in different stages of the buying process such as lawyers, surveyors and other professionals.
At NIKUZE, we take ethical behavior as a very important aspect for our professionalism; this is because at all the time we advise our clients with no self-interest for our own success fee


Do you have a Plot of Land, House or An Apartment and need to know how much your Property worth? Feel free to contact us for a Free Property Value Request. Just tell us a little about your property and we will let you know how much you can expect to earn from your property.
Once you have decided to market your property, the most critical factor is exposure to the maximum number of buyers and on your instruction, placed in suitable media within days. We pass on all offers you make on our houses to our cherished prospective buyers and will inform you promptly on the response. When the sale of a property is agreed upon, we will follow the sale and documentation through to completion, keeping you informed all the way and assisting you in any way we can


If you are looking to rent a property for your business or you are renting a property you own for someone to stay, then we can certainly assist. Remember without the proper research and expertise, finding the perfect home or the right tenant to rent your property can be discouraging task.
NIKUZE REAL ESTATE AGENCY is committed to the high level of knowledge and professionalism necessary to achieve a successful rental relationship. We will listen to your specific requirements and criteria to fulfill your needs; we will advise you by utilizing our extensive knowledge to recommend all your best options and finally We MATCH you with the perfect solution for your specific needs to ensure success.


Whether you’re focused on residential or commercial property development, our experienced plan-ning and development team will take the headaches out of the planning and development process for you.
NIKUZE REAL ESTATE AGENCY specializes in providing personalized solutions to ensure our clients get the most from development opportunities. Our team of specialists offers clients the benefit of the diverse experience across all sectors.
NIKUZE LAND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY provides strategic advice to land owners, developers and occupiers in both the private and public sector, relating to land disposal and acquisition, master planning and estates strategy, enhancing the value and potential of client’s assets.


How you manage your property today has a great impact on its value tomorrow! This is a concept that NIKUZE REAL ESTATE AGENCY fully understand. We deliver superior returns, something that NIKUZE has achieved even in tough conditions. NIKUZE manages residential, office and retail properties.

As a Management Company, we focus on each building financial activities mend problems with shareholders and renters and improve all aspects of the building. We are responsible for the supervision of the premises as we have a trained team for plumbers, electrician, cleaners, gardeners and landscaping services.

As a sponsor, we focus on solving problems with the tenants, collecting rental income and working with the landlords to improve the building overall well-being. The goal of NIKUZE is to ensure high quality real estate management services in all aspects of the properties we oversee.

NIKUZE REAL ESTATE AGENCY has remained a small and personal company. The purpose of such an operation is so that all employees are familiar with each building and that personal service is given to everyone who needs it. By offering a multitude of services with a personalized touch, we guarantee that your property runs like a clock work


Why Choose Us?

To be the Real Estate Agency of choice in the market we serve. We do not wish to be the biggest, just the best as judged by our clients.

To offer most convenient, reliable and outstanding Real Estate Services standards to Clients we serve.

We are completely truthful with ourselves and with others. We are sincere and acknowledge our errors. We are direct and transparent on our dealings with everyone.


- Cost Saving
We offer outstanding real estate services at very competitive commissions. We ensure that you will get an effective and reliable service. Our Services are free of charge for buyers and tenants.

- Professionally trained
We are professional, reliable and nice people to deal with! Call us and see why our clients are happy clients.

- Our Guarantee
We don't claim to be the best Real Estate Agency, our clients do!